Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What insurance companies do you work with?

Endless Auto Body works with all insurance companies!

Q. What car brands do you work on?

Endless Auto Body works on many makes and models. A list of brands will be coming soon.

Q. How long will it take to repair my vehicle?

Endless Auto Body understands the importance of returning your vehicle to you. The duration of time varies due to factors like the level of the damage, collision type, availability of parts, and your insurance adjuster’s timelines. We will strive to keep your auto body repair time as short as possible.

Q. Do I need an appointment for an estimate?

No, you do not need an appointment for an estimate. For the quickest response, please use our estimate form to submit your information and car details. A service representative will contact you shortly after you submit your information. You may also stop by our shop, located at 1400 Sproule Ave. Sacramento, CA 95811.

Q. What if your estimate is higher than the one from my insurance company?

No worries. Insurance companies know that there might be additional repairs necessary and most of the time they will pay the body shop directly so you don't have to worry about coming up with more money.

Q. What is the "deductible"? Do I have to pay it?

The deductible is a part of the cost of repairs that you have agreed to in your auto policy to keep your insurance premium lower. You are responsible for paying this amount (deemed by your insurance company according to the type of claim it is) and the insurance company pays the remainder balance of the claim.

Q. Do I have to take my vehicle to a repair shop my insurance company recommended?

No, you do not have to bring your vehicle to the repair shop recommended by your insurance company. You have the right to choose any repair shop of your choice.

Q. Will you be able to match my paint?

Yes, Endless Auto Body have a computerized paint mixing system which gives us access to over 100,000 paint formulas so the parts that we painted will be undetectable.

Q. What type of parts will be used in the repair of my vehicle?

• Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) part - these are the original manufactured parts.
• Like Kind and Quality (LKQ) part - these are remanufactured parts that are repaired by a qualified recycle facility and returned to replacement parts quality.
• After Market parts - these are manufactured parts by someone other than the original vehicle maker.